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Unleash Your Thin was developed by licensed nutritionist, Dr. Jonny Bowden, who also holds a Masters in Psychology, 6 personal training certifications and has written thirteen best selling books on nutrition and weight loss. He was featured recently on Dr. Oz highlighting his newest book, The Great Cholesterol Myth.

What the Experts Say About Unleash Your Thin…

“Jonny’s Unleash Your Thin makes it incredibly easy to get back control of your impulses, behavior and appetite.”

Dr. Daniel Amen, M.D.

– Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine

– Author of the NY Times betsellers Change Your Brain, Change Your Life and Magnificent Mind At Any Age

“Jonny’s weight loss program is so different. If you’ve had trouble keeping the weight off for good, Unleash Your Thin may indeed be the missing link.”

Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades, M.D.S.

– Authors of the NY Times Bestseller Protein Power

– Stars of the PBS television show Low Carb CookwoRx

“Jonny’s latest program has absolutely blown me away with its approach to what seems like a never ending challenge for millions of suffering individuals. The moment I watched the first video in the program I knew he had hit on the critical “missing link” in the weight loss and obesity dilemma… the mind.”

Tom Terwilliger

– 1986 Mr. America

– Internationally Recognized Fitness Authority

What the Customers Say About Unleash Your Thin…

“What I’m seeing is a gradual weight loss. I started at 167 pounds, I am now down to 157 pounds.”

– Eti from Washington

“It was easy to understand, custom designed to fit everyone’s needs. It flat out works!”

– Jann Mochelle from Illinois

“It really works! I was astonished at how fast and easy the weight came off. I never really believed I could drop all my excess weight, but now I know I can.”

– Julie Allen from Los Angeles