Finally, the Truth About Shrinking Ugly, Stubborn Belly Fat
and the 1 Super Simple Tip to Use to Keep it Off for Good…

Here's a fascinating 'fat fact'.

Did you know, most of the foods you eat, literally INFLATE your fat cells...
Just like a balloon or a car tire?

That means your belly gets bigger... your arms get flabbier... and your
thighs thicker.

But when you eat certain OTHER foods... like the 5 foods I'll tell you
about in a moment...

Those Same Fat Cells

... and THAT means you FINALLY can get the flat belly, the toned arms and the tight butt you've always wanted - in just a few short weeks.

Hi, my name is Dr. Jonny Bowden. I'm the author of 13 books including two best-sellers on health and nutrition.

I regularly appear as a guest on CNN, Fox News and
NBC and I was just on the Dr. Oz show for a featured segment on heart disease.

Dr. Oz Show (2012): Everything You Know About Cholesterol is Wrong.

I’m a certified nutritionist, I hold a master degree in psychology, a PhD in nutrition, I’ve earned 6 personal training certifications and... as you’ll see from what I’m about to reveal to you...

I’m ALSO a ‘ROYAL pain in the backside’ of the weight loss industry. In fact, that’s how I got my nickname
‘The Rogue Nutritionist’.


Because I’ve Made It My Mission To Share
The REAL Truth About YOU Burning Fat...

... particularly that stubborn, ugly belly fat.

It’s the same truth, the same science ‘they’ spend BILLIONS to cover up.

So read every word on this page...

Because in the next few minutes, you’re going to discover the 5 ‘flat belly foods’ that flip ON your skinny
– so your body AUTOMATICALLY shrinks your fat cells...

... allowing you to eat delicious food... even foods you THOUGHT were fattening... and STILL stay slender, sexy and slim.

There’s NO Need To Count Calories...
NO Need To Bust A Gut In The Gym...
And NO Need To Starve Yourself To
Finally Get That Toned Figure You Want...

But first, I need to share something a little embarrassing that VERY few people know about me...

You see, I wasn’t always thin. I wasn’t always in the best of health. I didn’t always have this great job helping others achieve their dream body.

The fact is for much of my life...I was…ok, I’ll say it... FAT.

I can vividly remember when my mother would take me shopping for clothes…she felt compelled to make excuses about me to the salesperson.

How embarrassing! I wanted to run and hide.

I was just over 5 feet at the time, and I didn’t have an
OUNCE of muscle on my body. My fat just jiggled and flapped ALL over the place.

I Was A Flabby, Sloppy Mess.
My Big Belly Hung Over My Pants...

I definitely did NOT look like the guys who got the girls...the guys who were thin…the guys who had muscles.

But man, I wanted to.

But I was fat. AND…I was jealous.

Even worse, I felt like an outsider. Shunned. NOT one of the team. Or even the guys.

It can be CRUEL.

And because I was kind of an outsider, I ended up hanging around other fat girls and boys.

We’d talk about stuff... Like being the last one to be picked for a team. Not being asked to the dance. Like not being considered smart. I could go on...

In Sharing Our Stories,
I Discovered I Wasn’t Alone

Over the past 20 years, I’ve continued to talk to both men AND women who’ve struggled with fat loss – and today, some things are REALLY, REALLY clear to me:

  • It HURTS being looked down
    upon in society. It hurts being
    stared at...

  • It HURTS not being considered
    attractive by the opposite sex…

  • It HURTS being looked over for
    jobs, promotions and raises...

  • It HURTS not being able to do the things other people are able to do...

  • It HURTS being teased, ridiculed and bullied. Being called names...

I Call All of These BIG. FAT. LIES.

But there IS something we DO lack...

It’s a piece to the puzzle I’m going to share towards the end of this presentation – and
I believe it’s THE MISSING LINK for anyone who has tried to lose weight and failed.

The Missing Link That Burns Fat
and Keeps It Off For Good

  • It works...

  • WITHOUT surgery...

  • WITHOUT dangerous diet pills...

  • And WITHOUT torturing yourself with tasteless, boring food...

This is NOT a trick, a gimmick or some 3-minute miracle nonsense claim
– it’s a technique based on the latest science that’s FINALLY given us the
roadmap to keep that stubborn fat OFF for good.

And The Weird Thing Is
NOBODY Is Talking About This!

And I GUARANTEE, a few years from now, doctors, dieticians and nutritionists will be scrambling to prescribe this simple method for anybody who wants to get rid of that spare tire around their waist.

But you don’t have to wait YEARS to lose that stubborn slab of belly fat... just keep reading and I’ll reveal ALL.

Ok, so back to my story...

There’s a REASON I’m considered one of THE top nutritionists in the country. There’s a REASON I’m on a
mission to share my weight loss discoveries with the world.

It’s because I have burned into my memory the DEVASTATING emotional pain I felt from feeling like an outsider all my life.

And that feeling of being on the outside – not quite good looking enough, not quite slim or sexy enough, not quite strong and masculine enough – yes, ladies, we guys go through that stuff too we just don’t talk about it – those feelings led to a PROFOUND and SEVERE lack of self-worth.

And, pretty quickly – by my early twenties – my lack of self-worth quickly led me to a life of alcohol, drugs, and addiction…a chapter of my life I'm NOT particularly proud of.

But you know what? Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing.

Because It's THE REASON
I'm Able To Talk With You Today...

  • It’s the REASON I was driven to burn off the fat, get healthy and get my life back.

  • It’s the REASON I made weight loss, diet and nutrition not only a career, but my life’s work.

  • And today, I’m considered one of the top weight loss researchers and educators in the world.

  • But what really makes me unique is I’ve walked in your shoes before – I UNDERSTAND the emotional pain, the power that food can have over you – while also struggling to shed that stubborn fat.

  • So when clients come into my office and talk to me about their ‘skinny envy’? I know
    exactly what that means.

  • When someone talks about how alone and isolated they feel around others... man, can I RELATE.

  • When they share how upset they are, not being able to fit into the clothes they really want to wear...I KNOW how that feels.

  • When they hear cruel comments, insults and remarks by even their closest friends and family...I CRINGE inside.

  • When they talk about how hard they’ve tried to lose weight, to fight the cravings, about
    how everyone just tells them to eat less and exercise more...I’ve BEEN there.

  • When they talk about feeling invisible, dismissed and rejected... I’m with them 1,000%.

  • When they say they feel like they have ZERO CONTROL over what they eat? Like pizza, burgers, potato chips, chocolate, ice cream and cake... that it was almost like an addiction to them?

Well, few have known addiction like I’VE known addiction.

But today, here’s what else I know:

I KNOW I Can Help Almost Anybody
Get The Body They Want...

Just Like I Can Help YOU Get The Body You Want...

So if you’ve ever felt uncomfortable, embarrassed or even ASHAMED about your weight...

... I guarantee, follow the advice I’m about to share, and you can lose the weight you want – starting TODAY.

Ok, remember earlier when I talked about foods that pump UP your fat cells and make your clothes fit tighter?

Well, these are foods I call ‘fat inflators’ and now I’m going to tell you EXACTLY which foods they are...

...AND...which foods REVERSE the process... triggering your body to SHRINK fat cells...automatically melting your fat away.

You’re About to Discover...

Fat Inflators: The Foods that Secretly Make You FAT

Now, Here’s Something That’ll Surprise You...

The reason you and MILLIONS of other people needlessly suffer from being
overweight is because of something called...


It’s when your body can’t handle processing sugars and starches.

Have you ever eaten something like a donut, a cookie, or chocolate bar and it seemed like the moment it hit your lips, your hips BALLOONED OUT an inch?

Well, that’s carbohydrate intolerance and it affects nearly ALL of us.

Yes, Sugar And Starch Are
THE Two Types Of Food That
KILL Your ‘Skinny Switch’...

Your body responds to these types of carbs in an almost allergic fashion, reacting by packing on layer after layer of extra fat...

It’s kind of like those people who break out in hives when they eat food they’re allergic to.

Only instead of red hives, itchy skin and bloating, the symptoms with carbohydrate
intolerance include rapid fat accumulation ALL over your body...

...particularly around your belly, hips, waist and thighs...

...and EVEN around sensitive organs like your liver and heart.

The worst part is this excess fat accumulation is coupled with
an inability to burn those extra layers of fat once they’ve been
packed on – no matter what you try.

Sound familiar?

And I’m not just talking about sugar itself...or even sugary foods like
cookies, cakes and candy…or even sugary drinks like sodas, energy
drinks or fruit juice.

No, I’m talking about foods your body quickly turns INTO sugar... like
cereals, breads, pasta, rice, potatoes and corn.

For example, did you know that a supposedly ‘healthy’ bran muffin is actually turned
into 432% MORE sugar by your body than if you swallowed a full tablespoon of
actual table sugar?


Ok... So How DO You
Flip ON Your Skinny Switch?

Well, let me tell you about hormones, enzymes and ketones – what I call your “Flab Fighting Triad” – which contain the secret.

Swimming inside your body right now are hormones
– little chemical messengers that stimulate certain
processes in your body.

When it comes to weight loss, there’s a particularly
useful hormone called glucagon.

And what glucagon does is stimulate a fat-burning
enzyme called HSL.

HSL is actually what shrinks your fat cells... by breaking down the stored fat so it can be burned off as energy.

It effectively turns your fat burning switch ON.

But when you eat things like bread and pasta? Then glucagon CAN’T do its thing.


Because of ANOTHER hormone.

One that floods your body whenever you eat sugars and starches. It's name?


And insulin crashes your weight loss party by turning your fat-burning switch OFF.

So the simple key to banish that stubborn belly fat is to eat delicious,
satisfying foods that keep your insulin levels in check.

Then your HSL is free to yank out that excess fat and burn it for energy.

The end result is when we burn our own fat for fuel, our livers take this fat and convert it into ketones. And our body uses these ketones as energy.

Simply put, thanks to the “Flab Fighting Triad”...

You Can Let Your Body Do The

  • And it doesn’t matter WHAT genes your parents gave you...

  • ...or how old you are...

  • ...or whether you’re a meat eater or vegetarian...

  • ...or if you cook your own food or eat out...

  • ...or whether you’ve been blessed with iron-fisted willpower...

The SECRET to burning off stubborn fat all comes down to
flipping ON your body’s skinny switch and unleashing glucagon to
burn the fat FOR you.

Eat These Foods And Shrink Your Fat Cells

The answer is delicious foods like savory grass-fed beef, fresh wild salmon, moist free-range chicken, crunchy green peppers and vine-ripe tomatoes to name a few.

And you can even eat foods you’ve been told are fattening like whole eggs, real butter and even organic or natural bacon.

These foods are all part of what I call ‘The Jonny Bowden Four Food Groups’ – foods you can hunt, fish, gather, or pluck. Stick with protein, fat, vegetables, nuts and fruit.

All of those are FANTASTIC at keeping your fat burning switch firmly in the ON position because they keep your insulin in check, allowing your fat burning hormone glucagon to work its magic.

But you’re probably asking yourself right now, if that’s all there is to weight loss...

How Come Nearly 70% Of
Americans Are Overweight?

How come 35.7% are clinically obese?

And how come nearly ONE THIRD of our children are overweight?

It all comes down to the SAME reason...

The SAME reason you can’t get a smoker to stop
smoking by sticking a cancer warning on his cigarette packet.

The SAME reason you can’t get an alcoholic to quit drinking by telling them how many die each year from alcohol-poisoning.

And it’s the SAME reason diet plans... bestselling fads... infomercial ab gadgets and weight loss pills have NEVER worked for you...

It’s Because Of Something I Call
Your ‘Craving Controller’...

This is what REALLY makes the difference to my clients, helping them not only shed fat... but keep it off for good.

And no... I’m NOT talking about willpower. That’s doomed to failure, as we all know.

When you learn how to activate your Craving Controller, you naturally
eliminate those intense cravings, overwhelming urges and irresistible

And THAT Lets You
Banish Belly Fat
Quickly And Easily...

Your struggle to control cravings is the reason
so many diets have failed you in the past...

... why you develop irresistible urges for sugary,
insulin-boosting foods that shut off your ‘skinny

... and it’s the underlying biological reason why
it’s SO difficult to keep the weight off FOR GOOD.

In the modern world where tasty, junk-food
temptations are available everywhere you turn...
your Craving Controller is totally disabled.

That makes it impossible to control your appetite,
burn fat and keep the weight off long-term.

But when you seize BACK control of your cravings...

It puts you BACK in the driver’s seat, makes melting fat a piece of cake and gets you the slim, sexy and healthy body you’ve always wanted – WITHOUT iron-fisted willpower.

But What Good Is
All This Information
If You Can’t Apply It?

I see this ALL the time with my clients... so I’ve come up with a solution.

One that literally forces your body into fat-burning mode...

It’s the missing link between you and the body you desire and deserve and I want to share it with you now.

I call it...

Unleash Your Thin

And it’s the ONLY fat loss system specifically designed to shrink your fat cells... melt fat away... and keep the weight off for good.

And you’ll do it WITHOUT counting calories, busting a gut in the gym or starving yourself.

I know it works because I use this EXACT system and I am in the best shape of my life!

I’ve kept within 2 or 3 pounds of my ideal weight for the last 20 years...and I’m in my mid-60s!

This incredibly simple system will work for you even if...

  • You’ve tried all kinds of diet programs, gimmicky ab gadgets and weight loss pills
    before with no success...

  • Even if you have much as 100 pounds to lose...

  • Even if you’ve lost a few pounds before and piled them ALL back on...

  • ... and even if you can’t imagine EVER getting the slim figure you want.

In Unleash Your Thin I’ll show you the precise foods to eat that will rapidly shrink your fat... and maintain your ideal weight for good.

But don’t just take it from me...

Irene from
Palatine, Illinois

emailed to say:

I’ve lost 15 pounds on this program. I’ve already recommended your program to dozens of my friends. I’m on phase 2 of the program and now this is just a way of life for me and my husband.”

Susan from
Charlotte, North Carolina

had this to say:

I’ve lost 6 pounds and I’ve only been on it a week so far. Your program is a healthy program that teaches you exactly what to eat and how.”

And Terry from
Medicine Hat, Canada

emailed me to say:

Jonny’s program is simply a life-saver. I love it. If you want to lose weight, you need the facts and Dr. Bowden’s program gave me accurate information to lose 10 pounds.”

So Here’s Everything
You Get In The Program...

First up is my Fat Burning Blueprint for flipping ON your fat burning switch, so your fat cells literally shrivel up and stubborn fat is vaporized.

With this blueprint, say goodbye to the OLD you – and start loving a
new, leaner, healthier AND happier you.

In this blueprint, you’ll discover:

  • 1.

    The 4-phase eating plan that will systematically and
    automatically flip ON your fat burning switch, TRIM extra
    fat and REVITALIZE your health – all in ONLY 6 weeks...

  • 2.

    The RIGHT foods to eat that literally DISSOLVE fat from your body...

  • 3.

    And the DANGEROUS foods you want to avoid...

And NO, this is NOT a hard-core zero-carb plan that leaves you tired and worn out!!!

This Is Designed To Shave Off Extra Fat
WITHOUT Leaving You Feeling Deprived...

And this program is also SAFE for those with chronic health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease,
high blood pressure, thyroid problems, hormonal imbalances and more...but of course, it’s always good to check
with your doctor first.

After You Order: Get instant access to Jonny’s 4-part
getting started video series

And I’m not just giving you the blueprint.

Everything is
explained in
an online video
course too!

You get immediate access to my Jump Start Video. Just hit ‘play’, sit back and I’ll guide you through the entire fat-burning system.

If you don’t have much time to read... if you want to get to the good stuff right away... this Jump Start Video is the BEST way to get started fast and easy.

Now, Unleash Your Thin is clearly worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Why?

Because It’s Changed Lives
ALL Over The World As You Can See Here...

Unleash Your Thin Success All Over the World

But, you won’t have to pay ANYWHERE near that, which is good because once you get started on Unleash
Your Thin
, you’ll want to use that bundle of savings to buy yourself those sexy jeans you’ve had your eyes on!

  • Your desire to overeat will be a thing of the past.

  • Your self-confidence will SOAR with a new, sexy ‘hey look at me’ attitude.

  • Your worries about what other people think when they look at you will fade away.

  • You’ll want to go out and meet new people rather than stay
    at home in front of the TV eating comfort foods.

  • You’ll step off the treadmill of buying ab gadgets that
    don’t work... diet pills that make you feel jittery... and
    re-packaged meals that taste like cardboard.

  • Even your love life will blossom with your new look,
    wardrobe and self-confidence.

  • And come beach season, you’ll be able to slip into that
    fabulous bathing suit you’ve always dreamed of!

  • My clients even tell me they’re getting promotions and raises like crazy!

I’m telling you... Unleash Your Thin IS the fastest, easiest way to shrink your fat cells, shed the pounds AND do it in a healthy, effortless way.

Ok, So What IS The Price?

Unleash Your Thin regularly sells for $197. And frankly, it’s a steal at that price.

As you’ve already seen, our files are full of glowing testimonials from people who have experienced first-hand the life-changing results from Unleash Your Thin.

But before I share the ACTUAL price, I want you to know you’re not just getting the Unleash Your Thin program. I’m going to also give something VERY special.

It’s called...

The Craving Crusher Action Guide –
How to Keep the Weight off FOR GOOD.

This gives you the missing link I mentioned earlier…the same one that
enabled my other clients to FINALLY burn off all of their unwanted fat...
and KEEP it off, for good.

In my best-selling book, Living the Low Carb Life , I
reviewed EVERY major diet program out there and they
ALL neglect this vital piece of the puzzle.

If you’ve ever tried a diet or weight loss program before
and “failed” to stick to it or not seen the results you were
promised, I can tell you...

It’s not your fault.

You just haven’t been given ANYTHING like our Craving Crusher Action Guide before.

It eliminates any need for willpower. This is what makes the system seem effortless.

You don’t have to ‘force’ yourself to do ANYTHING because you’ll neutralize your out-of-control cravings

You No Longer WANT The Foods You
Shouldn’t Eat Because You Won’t Even
THINK About Them In The First Place!

That majestic smell of buttery popcorn, that mouth-watering allure of chocolate
cake, that urge to get a triple venti mocha Frappuccino with whipped cream on top...

...those won’t even REGISTER with you anymore!

The Craving Crusher Action Guide eliminates self-sabotaging and the need to
rely on dangerous pills, silly little tricks or unrealistic willpower.

It Makes Losing Weight Seem Effortless...

Ok, I have to admit something – just KNOWING the right foods to eat is practically irrelevant...’s actually doing the RIGHT things, day after day, that’ll start pulling fat out
of your body and taking INCHES off your waist.

And that’s PRECISELY what the Craving Crusher Action Guide does – it makes
sure you actually DO what you are supposed to do.

So with the Craving Crusher Action Guide, even at $197, Unleash Your Thin is
worth WAY MORE. I mean, think about it...

  • What’s the price of your health and well-being?

  • What’s the price of FINALLY feeling comfortable in your own skin?

  • What’s the price of being able to look in the mirror, knowing you look fantastic?

You CAN’T put a price on THAT!

So keep reading because I’ve got an insane deal for you in just a second.

First, let me ask you a question...

What Will Happen If You Don’t
Lose The Weight You Want?

You’ll probably go back to old habits, old ways of thinking and pack on even more weight.

Because your body is already programmed right now to balloon those fat cells we talked about.

Yep, I hate to be the bearer of bad news – but no matter how much you exercise, how much you starve yourself...

...your body will STILL be stuck in fat ballooning mode until you flip ON your fat burning switch by doing what I recommend in Unleash Your Thin.

Listen I don’t want that to happen to you.

I Want You To Have The Body
You Want – You DESERVE It...

So let’s make this a real easy decision, ok?

If you’re reading right now, odds are you’re SERIOUS
about losing weight.

You’re committed to looking and feeling great.

And I want to reward you for that.

So because you’re reading this letter you WON’T have
to pay $197.

You won’t even have to pay $97. No...

Because I’ve convinced my publisher to offer a one-time discount coupon you can use... but ONLY if you
promise to do me one simple favor.

After you’re done with the program, simply tell me how you’d improve things and share your success story with others to help inspire them.

If you promise to do that for me (and I’ll take you on your word), then my publisher has agreed to offer the program to you today for the special price of $37!

That’s less than a week’s worth of coffee at Starbucks!

You get the complete Unleash Your Thin program... the ‘Jump Start’ video... AND the Cravings Crusher Action Guide...

All For Only $37  $197

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That’s not just a fair price, that’s a bargain!

But here’s the best part...

You Don’t Even Have To Decide Right Now!

Go ahead and take Unleash Your Thin for a 60 DAY test drive.

Read the materials, view the videos, and watch the pounds automatically
melt away and only THEN decide if you want to keep it.

There’s no risk for you today when you hit the order button.

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So in the unlikely event Unleash Your Thin isn’t right for you...

... if banishing belly fat and getting the body, the health and the self-confidence you want is not good enough...

No problem.

Whatever the reason is, just drop me an email for a no-questions-asked refund.

You have nothing to lose except those stubborn layers of extra fat.

Let me share with you a few more emails from people who’ve shed pound after pound of unwanted fat – they are VERY inspiring and warm my heart:

Eti, a
registered nurse,

emailed to say:

What I’m seeing is a gradual weight loss, decreased dimensions – at least 7 inches total off my bust, waist, abs, hips, thighs; lower BP, increased energy, better sleep and just feeling ‘thin’ and positive. I started at 167 pounds, I am now down to 157 pounds. And I do not have to starve myself at all!”

And Jann Mochelle
from Illinois

had this to say:

It was easy to understand, custom designed to fit everyone’s needs. It flat out works! This is the first time anything has really worked for me.”

And Julie Allen
from Los Angeles


It really works! I was astonished at how fast and easy the weight came off. I haven’t been tempted to eat unhealthy foods and that’s quite an achievement for someone who used to live 100% on junk food. Before, I never really believed I could drop all my excess weight, but now I know I can.”

PLUS... when you hit the button at the bottom of this page... I’ll give you something which members of Unleash Your Thin have been requesting for a while.

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10 Minute Meals Bonus Pack

It includes dozens of mouth-watering recipes and done-for-you meal plans.

You’re gonna love this because one of THE most important roadblocks
to sidestep when changing your eating habits is to make sure you look
FORWARD to your meals.

The problem is, so many diets make you eat BLAND, BORING,

But fear not, because I want to introduce you to Master Chef Jeannette
Bessinger. She and I co-authored several best-selling cookbooks.

We’re going to give you fat-burning recipes that will absolutely delight
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10 Minute Meals Bonus Pack


Mouth-watering Meal Plans

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100+ Delicious Recipes

breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks – that are quick AND
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10 minutes...


Quick-start Guidelines

to build your OWN recipes in a PINCH and DETAILED shopping lists so you know EXACTLY what to buy and when...

The guide shows you EXACTLY WHAT to DO, WHAT to EAT, WHEN to eat AND how MUCH to eat, day by day and hour by hour

So click the order button below to guarantee you receive the 10 Minute Meals Bonus Pack.

Who Says You Can’t Eat Delicious,
Mouth-Watering Food When You Lose Weight?

And there’s even more...

It’s not just a great bargain you’re getting today.

I’ve also arranged for you to get a FULL-access,
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The private Unleash Your Thin community.

It’s a support community engineered to help you ZIP
through the program, show off your new physique and
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You’ll be able to connect with THOUSANDS of others
who will share their tricks, tips and strategies. They’ll
help you ACCELERATE your fat burning even more.

And you’ll be able to share your experiences as well. You’ll be able to immediately plug yourself into a huge group of friends who’ll keep the program FUN, interesting AND enjoyable.

PLUS, I’m Going To Do One More Thing...

It’ll ensure you get the fat loss results you want.

Did you know the food companies trick and deceive you into BUYING more, EATING more and WANTING more of their products.

They do this by taking food-labeling regulations and twisting, turning and bending them in unethical ways to hide fattening... and even dangerous... ingredients from you.

IIt’s completely legal but it HAS to stop!

And that’s why I’m including a special bonus report called...

Food Labeling Tricks That
Make You FAT!

Never again will you tricked into buying fattening foods.

You’ll be able to instantly tell if unscrupulous food companies are
intentionally misleading you about their ingredients.

So hit the button below right now and you get INSTANT access to...

Unleash Your
Thin Fat Burning

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The Craving
Crusher Action

10 Minute Meals
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The Private

The Food
Labeling Tricks
That Make You Fat
Special Report

All For Only $37  $197

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I Guarantee You Can’t HELP But
Lose Weight On This Program...

Ok, here’s what happens when you click the ‘Add To Cart’ button.

You’ll be taken to the 100% secure checkout page.

Your purchase is not only protected by BuySafe’s guarantee... we’ve also
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You then get instant access to our member’s area where can download the blueprint, the craving crusher action guide and the the jump start video...and get access to the powerful community.

It’s that simple.

Listen, you know this: you’ve been struggling
with your weight way too long. It’s time, isn’t it?

You CAN have the body you want.

You CAN wear the clothes you want.

You’ve just been missing one final piece of the puzzle up ‘til now.

Activating your Craving Controller is the missing link between where you are now, and the thinner, leaner, healthier person you want to be.

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You’ve already heard from everyday people just like you who have seen amazing fat-burning success with my system.

But what do the experts have to say?

  • Well, here’s a kind note from best-selling author Dr. Daniel Amen:
    “At Amen Clinics, we have performed over 70,000 brain SPECT scans and can tell you first hand that the #1 key to losing weight AND keeping it off is taking control of your mind and your brain. Once you do that, you control your actions and therefore what and how much you eat...then it’s only a matter of time before the weight comes off naturally. Jonny’s Unleash Your Thin takes makes it incredibly easy to get back control of your
    impulses, behavior and appetite.”

  • And here’s what Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades, authors of the mega best-selling
    Protein Power
    , who virtually invented controlled-carb eating said:
    “It’s not what you’s what you DO that counts and that’s what makes Jonny’s weight loss program so different. If you’ve had trouble keeping the weight off for good, Unleash Your Thin may indeed be the missing link.”

  • Lastly, here what former Mr. America, Tom Terwilliger had to say:
    “Jonny’s latest program has absolutely blown me away with its approach to what seems like a never ending challenge for millions of suffering individuals. The moment I watched the first video in the program I knew he had hit on the critical “missing link” in the weight loss and obesity dilemma... the mind.”

And don’t forget Unleash Your Thin is guaranteed to work for you.

Try it all out for 60 days and if you don’t see the results I promise you?

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As you’ll discover, when you get the body you want, it doesn’t just make you look better and feel healthier... it gives you a confidence and self-assurance you just can’t buy.

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All For Only $37  $197

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still there? Ok maybe you have a few questions, I’d love to answer them for you…

Here are some of the most popular questions we’ve gotten so far:

  • Q. How quickly will I start to experience fat loss?

    A. Virtually everyone begins to see significant changes in weight, body fat and energy within the first week.

  • Q. How well has this program worked for others?

    A. Extremely well as evidenced by the remarkable self-reported results from our beta testers. Of the 15%
    that reported back, on average, they lost 2.36 inches from their waist, 2.54 inches from their hips, 7.99% of
    body fat. This may have surprised them, but not me, as I’ve seen this time and time again.

  • Q. Why should I believe that this program will help me burn fat and keep it off for good when so many other programs have failed?

    A. This is the only program that I know of that teaches you how to control your impulses so that you can
    disempower the cravings that cause you to fall off the wagon and pack on the pounds. It’s much easier to
    avoid the foods you KNOW you shouldn’t be eating if you don’t have cravings in the first place. It’s not
    about willpower; it’s about eliminating those urges in the first place.

  • Q. I’ve tried several low-carb programs before and found them too restrictive and too hard to stick to…is your program any different?

    A. Yes, in two ways: First, while it is a medical fat that you need to eat fewer carbs to unleash your fat burning enzyme, my eating plan is FAR more practical than what you’d find in other low-carb programs that require extreme – and totally unrealistic – carb restriction. Second, you’ll be using the missing link – the thing primary thing that causes people to fall off the wagon – which is the impulse control system. This, I believe, will make sticking to the program FAR easier than any other program you’ve tried.

  • Q. Will your program work if you have hypothyroidism, type II diabetes, heart
    disease, high blood pressure or some other chronic health problem?

    A. Absolutely. It's actually perfect for type ll diabetes and high blood pressure since the food plan is designed
    to control the very hormone that is at the root of type ll diabetes – insulin – and is a major contributor to high
    blood pressure.

  • Q. I don’t like to cook that much, how easy are the meals to prepare?

    A. Pretty darn easy. While recipes are provided, there are a ton of suggestions for "mix and match" meals, or
    eating on the go. These meals will stabilize your blood sugar and allow your fat burning enzyme to dissolve
    fat and at the same time are extremely easy to put together.

  • Q. Do I have to exercise while on your program?

    A. It's highly advised, but not necessary in the beginning. I believe success is more likely when people focus
    on one thing at a time…and since diet and psychological programming are the primary focus in the
    beginning, it's not necessary that you start an exercise program at the same time. However, at some point down the road, if you want to maintain your new weight and be in the best of health
    at the same time, you'll need to incorporate some kind of regular physical activity into your program.

  • Q. Can I do this program if I am pregnant?

    A. Yes. But check with your doctor; you may have to make a few modifications during phase one.

  • Q. Can I do this program if I am allergic to certain foods?

    A. Easy. Weeks 4 and 5 are specifically designed to help you identify food sensitivities so you can eliminate
    the foods that cause them. If you already know which foods are a problem for you, just eliminate them from
    the plan. There are dozens of alternative choices and you should have no problem whatsoever.

All For Only $37  $197

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Order Online: Any Country, Any Time
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